How to Purchase a Vehicle for Every Stage of Your Life

March 30th, 2017 by

With children, there are always these tiny changes signaling new stages of life. For instance, the time your little one traded in her rattle for building blocks and her first time riding the bus home to spend a few hours alone are both times when she entered a new stage of life. In an instant, things were different and there was no going back.

Life is a constant state of growth and change. While no life is the same, there are a few core phases most adults move through, too.

Vehicles for Every Phase of Life

How to purchase a vehicle for every stage of your lifeAt every stage of life, our perspectives about the world, our preferences, our relationships, and our needs change and evolve. Just like when little ones trade their rattles for blocks, adults leave old possessions behind when they enter a new phase of life.

VEHICLES For A Young, Single Adult

During the college years, just having something to get you from point A to point B might be enough. You might not have a regular income yet, but you still need reliable wheels to get you where you’re going. This time of your life is all about freedom, fun, and minimal responsibility. Choose a vehicle to embrace that.

VEHICLES For Young Professionals

You’re young, you’re ambitious, and you’re growing accustomed to having a steady paycheck. Your colleagues – who’ve been at the professional level for a few years – have the assets to show for it. If your current ride feels out of place among the vehicles of your coworkers and colleagues, purchase a vehicle that’s serious, stylish, full of potential, and still fun – like you. 

VEHICLES For Families

Have you ever tried to get a car seat in the back of a two-door? How about a 2-year old? Not fun. The carefree rides you’ve owned up until now don’t seem to fit into your future of playdates, carpools, and dance practice. You need something spacious, efficient, reliable, and safe. After all, you’re transporting priceless cargo. Car buying for a family does not have to mean a sacrifice of style or comfort. 

VEHICLES For Empty Nesters

This is the time to let your personality shine. Are you looking for sporty? Sleek? Luxury? The kids aren’t at home, so why would you still drive like they are? You’ve just completed a marathon of responsibility, and now it’s time put your needs and wants at number one. It’s an all new opportunity to try something different. While the kids are away, purchase the vehicle you really want.

VEHICLES For Retirees

Retirement is the time where you can sit back and reward yourself for a job well done – at no other phase of life is it this socially acceptable to do whatever you want, buy whatever you want, and live however you want. At retirement, you may seek out the car of your dreams, a car from your past, or something comfortable and practical to ensure you enjoy every trip you make. Whatever motivation you have behind the purchase, you deserve it. 


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