I Bought My Car Elsewhere – Can Miller Auto & Marine Service It?

September 29th, 2016 by

This is a common question we’re asked at Miller Auto & Marine. Potential customers wonder if they can have their vehicle serviced by our technicians, even if they purchased their vehicle at another dealership. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that if some people are asking, even more people are wondering. So I thought, why not make things a little easier and answer this question for everyone?

Can Miller Auto & Marine Service My Vehicle?

I Bought My Car Elsewhere – Can Miller Service It? Yes. Miller Auto & Marine can service your vehicle even if you purchased it from another dealership or independent party. Whether you need maintenance or repair, you can bring your vehicle to our service shops.   

We Service All Makes and Models

Where you purchased your vehicle doesn’t affect whether or not you can bring it to our service shops. But, we do have two service shops on location, and your vehicle’s make determines which shop you use. Our GMC/Buick shop accepts just that: GMC and Buick. Our Lincoln/Nissan shop accepts all other makes.

Our Technicians Are Certified

Each shop has ASE Certified technicians, as well as technicians certified in the specific makes their shop focuses on: Nissan, GM, and Ford/Lincoln. Certifications make our team highly specialized in addressing specific issues, as well as performing standard maintenance like oil changes and brake jobs.

On-Site Directions for Service

When you come on-site for a service appointment, don’t be overwhelmed by the dealership and separate shops. If you enter from 2nd Street South (County Highway 75), the GMC/Buick shop is the garage to your left. If I Bought My Car Elsewhere – Can Miller Service It? your vehicle is not a GMC or Buick, go into the Lincoln/Nissan garage to your right. In either shop, you’ll be greeted by friendly, capable staff.

What You Can Expect from Miller Auto & Marine

Beyond quality service from trusted auto technicians, you can expect a free car wash and a 21-point inspection when your vehicle is serviced at Miller Auto & Marine. We work to provide a Five-Star Experience to all of our customers, whether they come to purchase, service, or both. It’s our goal at Miller Auto & Marine to be your trusted destination for all your car buying and servicing needs.


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