Meet Our Miller Auto Tech: Pete Stormo

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Here at Miller Auto & Marine, we have talented auto technicians working in both of our service shops. Because our technicians stay busy keeping St. Cloud and the surrounding area’s vehicles maintained and running smoothly, they don’t get a lot of face-time with our customers. Which is understandable, since there’s always work to be done, but it’s also a shame because our techs are pretty great individuals. With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to Pete Stormo, one of our GM Service Shop Technicians.


Our Miller Auto Tech’s Background

Miller Auto Tech Pete StromoPete has worked as a Miller Auto Tech since 2010. He began his career as an auto technician in 1988, working at his father’s service shop in Eden Valley, MN. His formal education and training began in 1993 when he enrolled in auto technician courses at Ridgewater College in Willmar, MN. While his automotive career began almost 30 years ago, education is still a big part of Pete’s work life.

Pete enjoys the process of taking something that’s broken and making it work, as well as the accomplishment that comes along with it. “I always liked working with my hands and figuring stuff out. As a Miller Auto Tech, it’s not repetitive work, you do different things every day. One day you’ll do air conditioning work; the next day I’m ripping apart a transmission. It’s never the same thing.” 


The Changing Auto Industry

As an ASE Certified auto technician, Pete stays current on the pivotal changes occurring within the auto industry. Because he works in our GM Service Shop, Pete also maintains GM Certification, which keeps him up-to-date on the technological advances specific to GM vehicles. There’s always new information to learn. Recently, much of the education has surrounded hybrid vehicles as well as 8-speed automatic transmissions. As things continue to change on vehicles, GM continues to add more classes and educational opportunities.


When He’s Not Working

Outside the GM Service Shop, Pete lives near Rice, MN, in a house he built himself. He lives with his wife and two sons. He has a passion for fixing things and working with his hands. Pete and his nephews have a current project restoring a 1963 Nova Super Sport, which reminds him of the 1957 Chevy he restored when he was growing up, as well as the 1956 Nomad he restored with his father. For Pete, restoring vehicles is a way to pass along skills and bond with family.  


Words of Wisdom from Pete

On advice for future auto techs – “Pay attention in your classes and during your training. Once you’re on the job, you’ll wish you did. There’s a lot to learn about the automotive industry. It’s not just about turning wrenches anymore.”

On his career choice: “I’m always fixing stuff, I guess it’s in my blood.”

On diagnosing difficult vehicle problems: “It’s important to take a step back and rethink what it is you’re doing. When you do figure out those challenges, it gives a sense of satisfaction.”


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