Miller Auto & Marine Employee Highlight: What I Drive and Why

November 24th, 2017 by

Every once and a while, our staff members become our customers, too. So, we decided to ask a few Miller Auto & Marine employees what they drive and why they drive it. Then, we took their answers and put together a fun little video. Check it out: 

What Do You Drive and Why Do You Drive It?


Gina Drives a Nissan Altima

Gina Handeland, Sales Consultant, recently got married and bought a home in Cushing, MN. Since her and her husband have a daily commute of up to one hour each way, they love the fuel efficiency and comfort their Nissan Altima brings. It’s a full-size sedan that gives them 39 miles per gallon and an easy, comfortable drive. 

Krista Drives a Nissan Pathfinder

I’m Krista Lowery, Marking Specialist, and the Nissan Pathfinder adds a lot of ease to my hectic life. With two children, ages six and eight, who are both in dance and hockey, I really appreciate how spacious the Pathfinder is. The third-row seating comes in handy whether I’m carpooling the neighborhood kids and/or folding down the seats so I can fit everybody’s dance and hockey equipment. 

Joe Drives a GMC Sierra Pickup

Joe Handeland, Business Manager, enjoys spending his free time hunting and fishing. For both activities, having a GMC Sierra pickup truck comes in handy. He can easily pull his boat in the summer and his fish house in the winter.

Kim Drives a Nissan Rogue

Kim Neyssen, Receptionist, likes how spacious the Nissan Rogue is. It fits the two car seats she needs for her grandchildren, and it easily stows everything she needs for a relaxing weekend at the lake. 


When Miller Auto & Marine employees choose to drive and buy Miller Auto & Marine vehicles, it’s a pretty great endorsement – it’s sort of like when a waitress or a cook loves eating at the restaurant they work at. If you’re interested in checking out any of these vehicles or something else we offer, set up an appointment with a Miller Sales Consultant: 


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