Miller Auto & Marine: Kid-Friendly, Parent Approved

December 2nd, 2016 by

Purchasing a new, or new-to-you, vehicle is an exciting time for the whole family. Bringing your children along can be a great way to ensure everyone (and their cars seats!) will fit in your new purchase, as well as to teach them about buying and respecting vehicles. If you’ve brought your little ones along to an auto dealership, you might have learned that their excitement doesn’t last as long as the car buying process usually takes. 

Kid-Friendly Central Minnesota Dealerships

So, what do I mean when I say we’re a kid-friendly dealership? Here at Miller Auto & Marine, we understand how important having a safe, reliable vehicle is for the whole family, and we encourage our customers to bring their children along. We consider ourselves to be a kid-friendly central Minnesota dealership, and we provide multiple ways to keep everyone entertained

Children’s Play Center

Kid-friendly central Minnesota auto dealerships - Miller Auto & MarineWhile you work with one of our salespeople or finance staff, your little ones can use up their extra energy at our children’s play center. Complete with areas to climb, slide, and just be a kid, our play center helps the children stay entertained so you can stay focused. 

Activity Booths 

Our activity booths provide a child-appropriate seating area. Many of our customers bring activity books, coloring books, and crayons along with them. If your little ones enjoy these activities, know that you can bring some along with you and that your children will have a safe and comfortable place to play. 

Refreshment Center

Few things can derail your plans faster than complaints of thirst and hunger from a child. Our refreshment center includes beverages and snacks to keep the kids satisfied while you shop. We provide pop and water to keep everyone hydrated, and our supply of cookies and popcorn keep everyone’s hunger pangs away. If you visit our central Minnesota dealership during the summer months, there are ice cream cones too. Customers of any age are welcome to enjoy what our refreshment center has to offer.

Miller Auto & Marine for the Whole Family

While the car buying process might be a tad bit longer than a child’s attention span, we’re proud to be a central Minnesota dealership that provides multiple ways to keep children entertained while you shop. Additionally, you can shorten the amount of time spent at the dealership by preparing for your visit with our vehicle buying checklist as well as by scheduling an appointment with a Miller Auto & Marine sales rep.


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