Shuttle Service & Loaner Cars for Miller Auto & Marine Service Customers

November 20th, 2017 by

For many people, vehicle ownership is simply a necessity. Priorities like getting to work, shopping for groceries, and getting children to and from school and activities are made much easier with the use of a personal vehicle. But when that vehicle needs service, what do you do?

Responsibilities and the need to run errands don’t stop when your vehicle needs service and maintenance, and that’s why Miller Auto & Marine provides shuttle service and loaner cars to our service customers.

Service Shuttles at Miller Auto & Marine

Shuttle Service & Loaner Cars for Miller Auto & Marine Service CustomersWhether your vehicle needs routine maintenance or some type of service, we understand that you won’t always have time to wait around. To ensure taking care of your vehicle’s needs don’t become an inconvenience, we off free shuttle service to our customers. That takes away the worry of finding your own ride or the expense of calling a taxi. 

Here’s how it works. When you drop off your vehicle for service, you can get a ride to where you need to be. Drop your vehicle off before a day at the office and we’ll provide a shuttle to work. If you need to be at home during your service appointment, we’ll bring you there too.

Our shuttle service makes sure you can easily get back, too. We can arrange a pickup time right away, we can schedule a pick up once your service is complete, or you can call us when you’re ready.

Loaner Cars at Miller Auto & Marine

In some situations, your vehicle might need to receive service for a couple of days. It could be that your vehicle is broken down and needing diagnostics before repair, or your vehicle isn’t safe to drive and we’re ordering the right parts to get it going again. When this happens, our shuttle service probably isn’t what you need. 

For this reason, we also make loaner vehicles available to service customers. This way, taking care of whatever is wrong with your vehicle doesn’t have to inconvenience you.

Miller’s 5-Star Experience

Whether our customers come to us for our dealership or our service shop, we focus on providing a 5-Star Experience. That’s why we offer shuttle service and make loaner cars available. These options mean your life doesn’t have to come to a standstill just because your vehicle is in the shop. It’s just one of the ways we try to make your experience at Miller the best it can be. 


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