Vehicle Buying Timeline [Infographic]

November 13th, 2017 by

It seems as if every stage of life comes with its own particular set of circumstances. We all face different hurdles and considerations, we become invested in different interests, and we find ways to share and grow. And as we change, the people and things in our life change too. 

I started thinking about the different life circumstances that influence how and why people buy vehicles. What events and milestones cause someone to reevaluate not only their priorities but also their possessions? It was from that mindset that I put together this infographic focused on life’s milestones and the vehicles that come with them. 

Vehicle Buying Timeline Infographic

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As you can see in the infographic, different stages of life go along with different vehicles. Changes in responsibility, lifestyle, income, and age all affect the features you’ll value and look for in the vehicles you purchase. While your particular needs might not line up with what’s displayed in this vehicle buying timeline, it’s still an important reminder to think about how to match your needs with a vehicle purchase.

Luckily, this isn’t something you have to go through alone. When you work with an auto dealership that’s invested in helping customers find the vehicle that meets their needs and their budget,  you can rely on their salespeople to guide you toward the best vehicle for you.

Here at Miller Auto Plaza, we’re committed to providing each and every customer with a 5-Star Experience, and a big part of that is ensuring you find the right vehicle for your specific circumstances. If you’re considering buying a car and not sure where to start, download our free Car Buying Guide: 


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