Video: How To Change a Tire Step by Step

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Here at Miller Auto & Marine, we want to make sure you’re staying safe on and off the road. While changing flat tires and checking each tire’s air pressure are regular tasks for our service technicians, we understand that sometimes you’re in a situation where you need to roll up your sleeves and change your vehicle’s tire. If or when that situation occurs, we want you to be able to do it safely. 

In the video below you’ll meet Luke, one of our Nissan technicians. Luke will provide a step by step demonstration of how to change a tire on your vehicle. After the video, I’ve listed the steps so you have an easy to follow procedure. 


How to Change a Flat Tire Video

Removing a Flat Tire

  1. Turn on hazard lights
  2. Park on level surface
  3. Shift vehicle to “park”
  4. Locate and remove spare tire and tools in trunk
  5. If you have locking lug nuts, find the locking lug nut tool
  6. Remove the jack and all tools from the trunk
  7. Remove the wheel cover if there is one
  8. How to change a tire step by stepLoosen the lug nuts in a star pattern
  9. Begin jacking up the vehicle using the jacking locations found in the owner’s manual, it’ll usually either at the pinch weld or the frame
  10. Once the flat tire is safely off the ground, remove lug nuts in a star pattern
  11. Once all lug nuts are removed, remove the tire and place spare in its location

Securing a Spare Tire

  1. Put lug nuts on the replacement tire
  2. Tighten down the lug nuts in a star pattern
  3. Tighten enough so the wheel doesn’t spin
  4. Lower the vehicle so the tire is just touching the ground
  5. Tighten the lug nuts as much as possible
  6. Lower the car completely and return tools and flat to the trunk of the car

Extra Tips for Changing a Tire 

Some vehicles will come with full-size spare tires, and others come with a compact, temporary spare – commonly called a “donut.” If you use a donut for a spare, be mindful to drive only as far as you need to in order to get a full-size tire in its place.

For some additional tips and information on changing a tire, check out my blog How to Change a Tire: 10 Simple Steps. And remember, bring your flat tire to a trusted mechanic who can test and possibly repair it. If it’s not repairable, you’ll need to invest in a new tire, which should be done right away. Operating a vehicle without a spare is never recommended; make sure to always have a spare tire and tools ready to use in case you need them.


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