Video: The Multi-Point Car Inspection in Action

October 26th, 2016 by

In our service department, we keep Miller Auto & Marine’s Five-Star Experience at the core of everything we do. Each time you bring your vehicle into one of our service departments, you can expect superior service from certified techniciansa free car wash, and a multi-point car inspection.

Multi-Point Car Inspection

One thing we’ve discovered is that a lot of our customers are curious about what our multi-point inspection involves. And instead of telling you, we thought we’d show you first.

Watch as Aaron, one of our Miller Auto & Marine service technicians, leads you through what’s included in a multi-point inspection.


As you saw in the video, our service technicians perform an in-depth car inspection each time they provide a service. They check everything from windshield wiper operation and battery condition to fluid and drive belt condition.

Each point our technicians check is categorized into one of three categories:

  1. Checked and okay
  2. May require further attention
  3. Requires immediate attention

Schedule Service Appointments Proactively

In addition to helping our customers stay safe on and off the road, we also want our customers to have the opportunity to be proactive about their vehicle care and maintenance. When it comes to vehicle repair and maintenance, we can’t overstate the importance of catching issues early on. 

When you schedule service appointments at Miller Auto & Marine, know that our certified technicians will thoroughly check your vehicle. You’ll also receive a full service report detailing all of our technician’s observations and recommendations. We never want anything on your vehicle to be in poor condition, but if it is, we want you to be informed about it. 

Servicing You Vehicle at Miller Auto & Marine

In every area of our business, we keep the customer experience as a top priority. Every Miller Auto & Marine employee knows the importance and value of providing a Five-Star Experience, every time. We care about our customers, their safety, and the safety of those around them. 


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