What is a 114-Point Car Inspection?

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Quality and dependability are two things we focus on providing our customers on a consistent basis. We want our customers to know they can come to Miller Auto & Marine and trust us to keep their best interests at the core of what we do. In order to build that trust, we’re willing to put the work in.

With new vehicles, it’s easy to provide that stamp of approval. They come with extensive factory warranties; so even if there is any issue, you’re covered. With pre-owned vehicles, there’s a little more space for grey area. That’s mainly because knowing whatever the vehicle went through under its previous ownership can’t be learned with just a test drive and a peek under the hood. In order for a used vehicle to be sold on our lot, it needs to pass a 114-point inspection first. 

What is a 114-Point Car Inspection?

114-point car inspection Miller AutoThe 114-point car inspection is the process all used cars need to pass through in order for us to make them available for sale. It’s specifically designed to ensure we only sell quality vehicles and to take the guesswork out of buying a pre-owned vehicle.

What Does the Car Inspection Include?

The car inspection begins with a road test, then the vehicle is tested for overall functionality to ensure all lights, compartments, and features function as they should. We inspect under the hood, under the vehicle, and the vehicle’s interior and exterior. We perform routine maintenance and provide a full detailing for both the interior and exterior. If the need for additional service is uncovered during the inspection, those services are completed by our auto technicians.

Why 114 Points?

Because that’s how many it takes. After we covered everything we could think of and compiled it into a list, we had 114 points. That is, unless the vehicle is a hybrid. Pre-owned hybrids are given a 117-point inspection. Those three extra points are to ensure the battery and control module meet expectations. 

Is the Inspection Guaranteed?

Any used vehicle purchase includes a three year/100,000 mile warranty and a three day/500 mile money back guarantee. We want you to be as confident in our process and practices as we are. It’s part of our 5-Star Experience.

Used Car Inspections

When you purchase a used car from Miller Auto & Marine, you can rest assured that it has gone through a detailed, specific inspection process and received any recommended services. If we put our name and our guarantee on a used vehicle, it meets our standards. The inspection takes the worry out of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. .



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