What is the 5-Star Experience? Star #1: Non-Commissioned Salespeople

May 15th, 2017 by

We’re not shy about our dedication to providing every customer with a 5-Star Experience. In fact, you may have heard us mention the 5-Star Experience on our website, in radio ads, and on television commercials. And while we oftentimes talk about all five stars simultaneously, people are always curious about what each individual star means. So, we’ve decided to put out a 5-part series on our 5-Star Experience. Each part in the series will focus on a single star. First up, Star #1: Non-Commissioned Salespeople.

Star #1: Non-Commissioned Salespeople

Watch the video to see Lindsey, our Human Resources Manager, providing a great explanation of what it means to have non-commissioned salespeople and why this benefits our customers:

What Does it Mean to have Non-Commissioned Salespeople?

As you heard from Lindsey, our salespeople have three main goals when they work with a customer:

  1. Build a connection with you
  2. Identify your needs
  3. Find the best vehicle that fits your budget

Notice how none of those goals include pressuring our customers into making a purchase decision? By removing the commission aspect from the purchasing process, our salespeople don’t benefit when customers spend more money.

How Do Non-Commissioned Salespeople Benefit Customers?

In a commission-based sales process, it can be difficult to tell if a salesperson has your best interest in mind or their own. Alternatively, non-commissioned salespeople ensure you’ll receive the best price for the vehicle you want in a no pressure environment. Miller Auto & Marine is full of employees who are ready to provide customers with a 5-Star Experience. After all, it’s something we take a lot of pride in, and it’s something that sets us apart. Stay tuned for our next feature on Star #2: Real-Time Pricing. You can find a brief overview of all five stars here.


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