5-Star Experience at Miller Auto & Marine

September 27th, 2017 by

Because the 5-Star Experience is so important to us and the service we provide, we think it’s pretty important for our customers to understand it, too. After all, it’s mentioned in our radio ads, on our website, in our videos, and really any other place we promote our products, services, or people. 

So, What is the 5-Star Experience? 

It’s a foundation for the level of service we provide. It’s a standard we hold ourselves and our co-workers to. It’s a guiding principle that helps us understand how to do our jobs, and how to do them well. 

What’s in the 5-Star Experience eBook? 

These blogs have an in-depth explanation of each of the five stars, including how each star works to benefit Miller Auto & 5-Star Experience at Miller Auto & MarineMarine customers. Click on each star to read more about:

  • Star #1: Non-Commissioned Salespeople
  • Star #2: Real-Time Pricing
  • Star #3: “We Got Your Back” – Worry Free Lifetime Warranty
  • Star #4: Largest Indoor Showroom
  • Star #5: Largest Selection

They contain videos, customer testimonials, and more! All to help you better understand the 5-Star Experience and see how it serves our customers. 

And finally, enjoy some insider information from Miller Auto & Marine staff about how they incorporate the 5-Star Experience in their departments.


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