Cross Our Hearts: Seat Belt Covers for Coborn’s Cancer Center

November 30th, 2016 by

Central Minnesota has been our home for over 80 years. We are proud to represent this community, meet the needs of area families decade after decade, and celebrate alongside our customers throughout all of life’s journeys. And, we take great pride in our ability to rise to the occasions where life offers challenges and celebration seems a distant memory. A year ago, we recognized an opportunity to connect our community in a way that really, didn’t have a lot to do with selling or servicing cars or boats. And that’s part of who Miller Auto and Marine is at our core. We wanted to make an impact with people and for people, and partnered with Coborn’s Cancer Center in St. Cloud to make it happen.

Cross Our Hearts: Seat Belt Covers for Coborn's Cancer Center


Support by the Numbers 

Central Minnesota is home to roughly 110,000 people. Considering the male-female ratio is close to 1:1, that means women comprise 55,000 of the total population. One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. What that means for this community is there could be the chance that over 6,000 women right here where we live and work could be diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a simple fact and something women live and deal with, often leaving the people around them wondering how to help, and what to do. Miller Auto and Marine wanted to help with that and just wrapped our second annual Test Drive for Seat Belt Covers drive for the month of October, in conjunction with national Breast Cancer Awareness month.


Even the Smallest Comfort Helps 

Seat belt covers offer safety, comfort, and protection to cancer patients of any kind – not just breast cancer. Often, people have a port line placed into their chests for direct access to chemotherapy and other drug regimens. Wearing a seat belt can interfere with chest ports, making it uncomfortable and even at risk of coming loose or infection. A seat belt cover is often recommended during treatment, and might just be another item on a long list of considerations for people dealing with diagnosis, illness, and pain. For women recovering from a mastectomy, seat belt covers protect against harsh restraining materials while keeping them safe.

For every test-drive Miller Auto and Marine hosted in October of 2016, we donated a seat belt cover to the Coborn Cancer Center. It was fun for our sales team to mention as customers pulled off our lot – oh, by the way, you’re helping someone out today, just by being in this vehicle! Test drivers also had the chance to write an accompanying card, sign their name, and know they made a difference for someone who needed the boost. In total, our customers were able to donate 592 seat belt covers to Coborn Cancer Center, and we’re thrilled knowing we could connect people through a very simple – yet so incredibly impactful – gesture.


That’s what makes Central Minnesota special, and we’re proud to call this area home. Thank you to all of you for helping us with our mission!



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