Employee Highlight: What the 5-Star Experience Means to Me

October 31st, 2017 by

Here at Miller Auto & Marine, it’s no secret that we want to provide our customers with a 5-Star Experience every time they visit. It’s part of every department and it shapes the way all of our employees approach their day. To help you see what the 5-Star Experience looks like we asked a few of our staff to share what the 5-Star Experience means to them:

What Does the 5-Star Experience Mean to Miller Auto & Marine Employees?


Miller Auto & Marine’s 5-Star Experience

The 5-Star Experience means something a little bit different to each employee, but on the grand scale, it means the same thing: we are here to help you and provide the experience we believe our customers deserve. And what does that look like? 

It means:

  • Your experience is our #1 priority. 
  • We strive for customer satisfaction.
  • We care about you long after you leave.
  • We want you to feel hassle-free and stress-free.
  • We respect your time.
  • We want you to want to come back!

All of these things make up the 5-Star Experience, plus so much more. From sales and service to finance and the business office, we are here to help and provide you with a great experience. 


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