Miller Auto & Marine Makes Vehicle Service Convenient for You

December 27th, 2016 by

When your vehicle is in need of service, the world doesn’t stop and wait for you. You still have responsibilities and places you need to be. So, what do you do when your vehicle needs service or maintenance? With Miller Auto & Marine, we offer free shuttle service for our service customers, and when appropriate, we also provide loaner cars. Below I’ll cover each option in more detail. 

Vehicles are our personal transport. They’re what bring us safely from Point A to Point B, and we rely and depend on them regularly. In order for those vehicles to continue to do what they do, and to do it safely, they require regular maintenance and occasional service. Whenever it comes time for maintenance and service, the last thing we want our customers to worry about is inconvenience.

Miller Auto & Marine Makes Vehicle Service Convenient for YouMiller Auto & Marine Service Shuttle

Let’s face it, it can sometimes be difficult to get your vehicle into the shop for service. After all, it takes time to make time. With our shuttle service, we hope we’re taking one of the inconveniences out of servicing your vehicle. When you come into Miller Auto & Marine, there’s no need to coordinate a ride or call a taxi. Instead, we offer a free shuttle service to our service customers.

This way, you can drop your vehicle off for service and get a ride to work, your home, or wherever it is you need to be. If you know what time you’ll need to be picked up to return to your vehicle, you can schedule pick up right away. For those who are unsure of their pick up time, we provide a number for you to call when you’re ready for a shuttle back to your vehicle. 

Miller Auto & Marine Loaner Cars 

Our service shuttle is great for when you’re receiving a single-day service on your vehicle, but what about those occasions when a vehicle’s service takes several days? For instance, if the problem is not yet diagnosed or the vehicle is not driveable, it may take a little extra time. While less common, Miller Auto & Marine understands how truly inconvenient these circumstances can be. That’s why we make loaner cars available to our service customers as well. We believe that meeting your vehicle’s needs shouldn’t leave you stranded. 

Giving Our Customers A 5-Star Experience

Providing shuttle rides and loaner cars to our service customers is a service we provide to ensure our customers receive a 5-star experience with Miller Auto & Marine service. Whether you come through our doors looking to service your current vehicle or make a vehicle purchase, know that each and every one of our staff members is committed to providing you with a 5-star experience. 


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