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When you’re looking for a dependable, reliable, and trustworthy used vehicle, certified pre-owned cars are a great option. It’s important to realize that used vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles are different. Sure, both types have had previous owners, but they have more differences than similarities. Today, I’m going to give you a detailed breakdown on what sets certified pre-owned vehicles apart and explain why these vehicles are worth considering the next time you visit a dealership. 

What Is a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle?

Preowned Car Warranty By Miller Auto Plaza

First, let me say this: “certified pre-owned” is not a fancy word for used. Instead, it’s a classification for pre-owned vehicles that have run the gamut before being posted for sale by a dealership. Let me explain. Before becoming certified pre-owned, a factory-trained mechanic performs a full inspection on the vehicle and decides whether or not it still stacks up to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer’s program.

If anything doesn’t meet expectations or perform as it should, it is replaced and repaired. And that process? It ensures that the vehicle is a quality car by manufacturer standards. It’s not a designation to be taken lightly. 

Dealerships that Offer Pre-owned Car Warranty

You can tell a lot about a dealership by whether or not they stand behind the pre-owned vehicles they sell. Here at Miller Auto Plaza, all of our pre-owned vehicles go through a multi-point inspection, which includes over 100 different aspects and components of the vehicle are gone over before it is made available for sale. During that time, anything that requires repairs, maintenance, and/or new parts is taken care of by our on-site technicians. Once the vehicle is given the stamp of approval by our technicians, it’s made available to our customers. 

But that’s not all. Because we stand behind our process and our technicians 100 percent, we also offer a “We Got Your Back” Drive Forever Worry Free Lifetime Warranty* on pre-owned vehicle purchases. Under this car warranty, our customers receive coverage on all internally lubricated parts within the engine (with the exclusion of seals & gaskets), along with numerous engine and transmission parts. You can view the full details or our Drive Forever Worry Free Lifetime Warranty here. 

Beyond vehicle components, our car warranty includes a 3-Day/500-Mile Money Back Guarantee on pre-owned vehicles. That’s because we want you to love your vehicle purchase, and if you don’t, you can bring it back within the allotted timeframe and receive a full refund. 

What Do You Get When You Buy Certified Pre-owned? 

When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from Miller Auto Plaza, you’re getting a vehicle that’s guaranteed to be in great shape. As a buyer, you don’t have to worry about your purchase being something that leads to immediate regret. Instead, if you feel as if your purchase was a mistake, you have the opportunity to change your mind with no penalties.

Additionally, our “We Got Your Back” Drive Forever Worry Free Lifetime Warranty ensures that many of the common engine and transmission troubles pre-owned vehicle buyers are concerned about are covered by us. That’s our way of removing a lot of the hesitations potential customers might have about purchasing pre-owned. 

Finally, even if you decide to visit a dealership that isn’t ours, we still want you to get into a vehicle that is safe, reliable, and long-lasting. So, before you buy a pre-owned vehicle from anywhere, be sure to ask the dealership about the process for evaluating pre-owned vehicles before making them available for sale. At the very least, request an Vehicle History Report, and if they don’t provide a warranty or a return option on pre-owned vehicles, it might be in your best interest to request that the vehicle is evaluated by a technician you know and trust. 


*Drive Forever – Worry Free Lifetime Warranty is valid only on vehicles 7 model years old or less and less than 100,000 miles at the time of sale. 3-day/500-mile money back guarantee is on pre-owned vehicle purchases only. {{cta(‘ab830926-293a-4274-81d4-3c45362a5871′,’justifycenter’)}}

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