Meet Our Miller Auto Tech: Michelle Bunnell

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Here at Miller Auto & Marine, our auto technicians are typically behind the scenes. They’re usually busy ensuring your vehicles are operating in tip top shape and diagnosing the source of that peculiar rattle you only hear during left turns. But for all that they do for our company and our customers, our Miller Auto Techs deserve a little time in the spotlight. Today, I’m featuring a Miller technician who’s been serving up a 5-Star Experience for the past eight years: Michelle Bunnell.  

Our Miller Auto Tech’s Background

Meet Our Miller Auto Tech: Michelle Bunnell

For the past eight years, Michelle Bunnell has been an integral member of the Miller Auto & Marine team. She started out as a lube technician and soon became a used car technician. Currently, Michelle mostly works on Nissans, as she has gone through various training and classes through Nissan – for instance, she is certified in electrical work through Nissan. 

Education and Interest

Before joining the Miller Auto & Marine family, Michelle attended St. Cloud Technical & Community College for their Automotive Service Technician program, but her passion for working on vehicles started long before that. From a young age, Michelle enjoyed taking things apart and seeing how they worked, especially cars.

When in high school, Michelle took all of the mechanical courses Apollo High School had to offer, even enrolling in college-level technician courses during her high school years. 

While many people assume Michelle had a family member or other influence that pulled her toward becoming an auto technician, her interest in the auto industry is all her own. 

Industry Changes

On a typical day, Michelle is busy pulling cars in and working on them, it’s as simple – and as complicated – as that. Sometimes, her job involves taking rides with customers to ensure the technicians are addressing the same noise that the customer is coming in for. After all, some vehicle sounds are normal, whereas some require a technician’s attention.

In the eight years since Michelle joined Miller Auto & Marine, she’s seen fewer and fewer new auto technicians. She knows the program she took is seeing lower enrollment and graduation rates, and she wants to let you know that being an auto technician is a great career. If you become a quality mechanic or technician, there’ll always be work for you.

Words of Wisdom from Michelle

On advice for new techs: “Give it a shot. If it’s something that you think you’ll like, go for it. Try those classes when they’re free [in high school]. You gotta go for what you think you’re gonna love in life.”

On qualities that make a good technician: “You have to be a problem solver – figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. Be good with your hands. Have patience.”

On having a bad day: “Attitude is everything. Yeah, you’re going to have bad days, but you’re going to work through them. If you have a bad day, you have to come back with a fresh attitude.”  

Thank you, Michelle, for all you do here at Miller Auto & Marine!  


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